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Pabst Blue Ribbon Light

Pabst was keen on expanding its share of female drinkers, which trended towards light and low calorie alcoholic beverages. The success that Pabst was having with its legacy Pabst Blue Ribbon workhorse among educated male twenty and thirty-something males forecasted an opportunity with that group’s female population.

I’d just returned from the UK where, at that time, they were using transparent ink on metal cans. US can printers had never used transparent inks. I thought it had a great look, one that communicated premium and female—especially if adorned in the traditional blue hues of premium light beer. With the delicate design elements cuing upscale and feminine, it was guaranteed to connect. Pabst loved it.

Lots of SKUs—labels and packaging design for bottles, cans, baskets, racks, etc.