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What is Art?

Please challenge me!
Well, Art is an act. But it’s not just any action. It’s a conscious, deliberate endeavor with the power to reshape the human mind.
Now, you might ask, “What about Decorative Art? Isn’t that different?” Yes. Learn what makes decorative art different. But first, let’s clear something up: Design, that’s a whole different thing. Its purpose, its driving force, is to tackle problems, find solutions.
Art, in its essence, is anything that is intentionally crafted to captivate the human mind. It has the capacity to transport our imaginations and emotions to unbounded heights.
Art objects and performances often stem from a place of self-expression. And the desired response from its audience is to accept this expression, to feel that sense of shared human experience, that “we are all in this together.” Whether it’s the infectious energy of Beyoncé or the profound depth of Michelangelo, Art can be a source of shared feelings and significance.
As an Artist, I have no interest in making the wall happy – that’s the domain of Decorative Art. My primary concern with space comes into play when it impacts the viewer’s interaction with the Art, particularly when it disrupts the auditory, tactile, or visual focus. Art, by its nature, is immersive. Any elements that distract from this immersive experience should be reduced or eliminated. Consider a carefully orchestrated environment like a music concert, where every facet, from sound volume to lighting, to the performance itself (imagine the dynamism of Mick Jagger), contributes to dominating the sensory experience.
But let’s consider the difference between Art and Design. With Art there is no structural consequence for failing other than receiving withering opinions and a lack of sales. Design, however, is a different story. A Design failure can lead to collapsing bridges or a business strategy that sinks, directly affecting people’s lives and well-being. And that, my friend, is a whole different kind of consequence.